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Graphic & Creative Services


Many times your printed piece is what your new clients see first before you ever get a chance to meet with them. To make  sure that your printed media represents you and your company to its fullest, come and see the Downeast Graphics Creative Team.


Our professional team can create a logo for your business, design business cards to brochures, newsletters, and even help publish the book you have written.


If you enjoy graphic design yourself, let us help you before you start so that your project goes smoothly. We want to be your printing partner. We work with all the major design software packages.


From concept to completion, come and see the Downeast Graphics Creative team. We can develop the right image for you.

It's all designed, now where does it go?


Though some of us still know how to set old lead type, today, once your piece has been designed it goes to our pre press department where your project gets laid out for printing. The days of film and chemicals are gone. Printing plates are  made directly from impositioned files, or set up to go to one of our digital presses. Traditional offset printing is still alive and well at Downeast Graphics & Printing. In the press room we have single and multi-color presses to handle any size project, one color, process color, or a combination of Pantone colors.


Greeting cards, posters, annual reports, or company forms, Downeast Graphics can handle any printing project. We are truly your one stop shop for all your offset and digital printing needs, where traditional craftsmanship uses modern technology.


Now that your project is printed, how is it going to be finished? Downeast Graphics has a complete in-house bindery. Cutting & folding, stitching and perfect binding are all everyday functions here.


Your piece is now designed, printed and folded with all the new information about your company. Now you are ready to get the information out to your own client base. You need to mail them, but rates are high. The time for your staff to stuff, seal, affix labels and stamps will take away from their productive time.


Let the Mailing Department at Downeast Graphics & Printing help. Even though the average postal rate has climbed more than two times the rate of inflation, it is possible to use mail for advertising and marketing purposes using automation-discounted rates. Hundreds of customers are already saving time and money by Smartmailing with the mailing services offered here at Downeast Graphics. Be sure to call ahead before starting a new database or updating a current list to be sure that it is compatable with our software, or if you have any questions regarding mailings.


We truly are your one stop shop for all your printing needs, from concept to completion, where tradition and technology meet, Come see us at Downeast Graphics and Printing today.

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